TWIST IT UP - Do your thing with invisibobble

Munich, 1 January 2022 – Happy Birthday invisibobble! To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, invisibobble is starting the year with the new Twist It Up campaign, which it hopes will surprise and encourage people to be themselves and do their thing.

After months of caution, it’s time to do something for yourself, to celebrate what makes you unique and individual, and to stand up for what you believe in. All too often we still think in cliches, avoid the unexpected and worry about what other people think. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to change! In 2022, invisibobble reminds us to do what makes us happy and dare to try something new – while always staying in style and in control.

Have you always wanted to quit your job and enjoy some time out surfing in France? Then what are you waiting for? Surprise yourself and others by stepping outside your comfort zone. Figure out what you want for yourself and your life, only do things that feel right, stand by your decisions and give your life a twist with invisibobble.

Be creative and confident and maybe even dare to reinvent yourself. Your hairstyle can be a way of letting go and a form of self-expression. Do you always wear your hair loose or in a simple ponytail? Whatever your colour or type of hair, change has never been so easy thanks to invisibobble! Just a few simple twists are enough to try out a new style and HAIRLOVETECH is kind to you and your hair. But always remember − don’t compare yourself with others, have fun and #twistitup, because invisibobble makes anything possible!

Now it’s your turn! Join in and celebrate yourself in 2022, in all your shapes, colours and individuality. What’s your goal for this year? What challenges do you want to face? When might our invisibobble hair accessories help you find a hairstyle that will work in any situation and give you an extra helping of self-confidence? Tell us your personal story with our invisibobbles.

The new invisibobble Twist It Up campaign begins in January 2022