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For healthy hair are important not only the right care products, but also the choice of hair ties. Invisibobble reduces pressure and friction on the hair, preventing hair damage. Especially with regard to dermatological conditions, such as traction alopecia, I like to recommend the hair elastics to patients*. And the hairstyle fits!" - Alice Martin, MD, COO and Editorial Director of Dermanostic

invisibobble dermatological proven no pain

You have noticed a change in your scalp or hair (e.g. psoriasis, hair loss)? It itches, hurts, burns or the change has become bigger? Dermanostic, thanks to their app innovation, manages to offer easy and affordable access to dermatologist experts to anyone in the world within a very short time. 92% of patients are treated successfully & purely digitally. As a result, over 80,000 patients have now been treated.
How it works. Via the Dermanostic app you create photos of the change and answer a short questionnaire. Within a maximum of 24 hours, a dermatology specialist creates a doctor's letter including diagnosis and therapy recommendation. You have questions or need a follow-up prescription? Then simply contact Dermanostic via the app!

You will find more informations here: www.dermanostic.com