Vicky Natsha's Favourites

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Less Damage

31% less damage than a regular hair tie. No more split ends!

Less Marks

68% less visible marks than a regular elastic hair tie. No more kinks!

Less Pain

100% of women agreed while wearing for one week that they did not experience any pain. No more headaches!

Effortless Styling

Whether throwing up in to a quick messy bun, or getting ready to go back to the office - we have the ultimate in comfortable, stylish solutions.

Founded by Sophie Trelles-Tvede

I had the idea for invisibobble at during my first year at university in the UK. I've always loved wearing a ponytail, but found that after wearing ordinary hair ties for a long period of time, I suffered from really bad headaches and an annoying crease in my hair that we all know and hate.

After a bad-taste themed party, where - in true bad taste - I wore an old telephone cord to hold up my ponytail, I discovered something amazing upon waking up the next morning. I didn't have a headache! I immediately knew I was on to something, and worked to finalise the idea alongside British hairdressers and German engineers.

Today, we're constantly creating, bringing exciting new special collections and core innovations for ALL types of women worldwide so we can celebrate hair love together. Making women's lives just that little bit more simple and fun.

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