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Make it sleek

A life without invisibobble is possible but hardly imaginable. Nevertheless, there have been occasions in the past that led to infidelity. Because: A sleek look with a strict ponytail was previously difficult to achieve with the well-known invisibobbles. That's why invisibobble now presents something completely new: the LOOP and the LOOP+ for those who desire a sleek, stylish look that is simultaneously particularly gentle on the hair thanks to HAIRLOVETECH™.

Inside the LOOP is invisibobble's most delicate spiral hair elastic yet, measuring just 3 mm in diameter. It is covered with an elastic fabric on the outside, making it similar to the well-known SPRUNCHIE. But while the SPRUNCHIE is a statement piece on the go, the invisibobble LOOP allows for a subtle, elegant look.

Don’t call it SPRUNCHIE

What's special: The invisibobble LOOP is the size of a classic hair tie, but unlike regular hair ties, it features HAIRLOVETECH for fewer imprints and hair damage*.

The invisibobble LOOP and LOOP+ are perfect for those who are looking for a discreet hair tie that is at the same time particularly gentle on the hair. The LOOP is suitable for all hair types, while the LOOP+ provides a strong hold for thick hair. Inside the LOOP+ is the well-known invisibobble POWER.

* compared to normal elastic hair ties. All data has been verified by TRI Princeton

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LOOP+ Be Strong

LOOP+ Be Strong
LOOP+ Be Strong
LOOP+ Be Strong
LOOP+ Be Strong

For those who need a little extra hold in their life, the LOOP+ is the ideal product. Due to a super strong POWER spiral inside, the LOOP+ ensures an ideal hold for thick and curly hair. The spiral technology allows the fabric to be closely wrapped around the coils, which enables maximum performance with minimum friction. The HAIRLOVETECH™ inside causes less damage and less marks so that you never have to worry again about keeping that hair under control.

  • The Strong Hair Tie
  • MADE WITH hairlovetech™
  • spiral inside, scientifically proven:
  • less damage
  • less marks
  • less pain


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LOOP+ Be StrongLOOP+ Be Strong

LOOP+ Be Strong


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